Mexican Laws in English

published on the 26th of July and 9th of August of 1999, respectively).


This Standard is under the oversight of the Secretaría de Economía-  Secretary of Economy


LAW, REGULATION, OR NOM - what is the difference?  


NOM-046-SCFI-1999, Instrumentos de medicion-Cintas métricas de acero y flexómetros

NOM-046-SCFI-1999, Measuring instruments – Steel Metric tapes and flexometers



1. Objetivo y campo de aplicación

1. Objective and field of application

2. Referencias

2. References

3. Definiciones

3. Definitions

4. Clasificación

4. Classification

5. Especificaciones

5. Specifications

6. Muestreo

6. Sampling

7. Métodos de prueba

7.  Testing methods

8. Marcado, etiquetado, envase y embalaje

8. Markings, labeling, container and packaging

9. Bibliografía

9. Bibliography

10. Vigilancia

10. Oversight

11. Concordancia con normas internacionales

11. Concordance with international standards


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