Mexican Laws in English
The Federal Regulation for Occupational Health and Safety  
The Regulation is based on article 133 of the Mexican Federal Labor Law

Published in the DOF on November 13, 2014 effective February 13, 2015




This Regulation is the most important of the 3 Regulations of the Federal Law   See: Index

The Regulation of the Labor Law focuses on Health and Safety. It specifies the training of employees,  Health and Safety Documentation that is required in the workplace, and a description and format for the required Health and Safety Manual in the work place. A Mexican  Health and Safety Program is based on the outline of this Regulation.  A Health and Safety audit performed by the STPS follows very closely the outline of this Regulation.

The Regulation is a general framework for Health and Safety.  The NOMs, Official Mexican Standards, detail each one of the sections of the Regulation, such as noise, fire prevention, vibrations, etc.  The NOMs are comparable to OSHA standards. If you want to understand the basics of how Health and Safety programs are set up, the Regulation is important, but if you need to bring your facility into Health and Safety compliance, then you should consider our Health and Safety package (over 800 pages of workplace standards).

*If you need specific details about Health and Safety Standards, such as how many fire extinguishers are required in your facility, you will find this detailed information in the NOMs (Official Mexican Standards), Each section in the Regulation is detailed in a NOM, the Regulation outlines the framework for Health and Safety, but for compliance details, you need the NOMs. (STPS)

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